The Best Cheeses To Serve At Christmas Dinner

After reading the headliner of this article, you might find yourself asking, “Does it really matter what cheese I serve at Christmas Dinner?” Ask any cheese enthusiast, critic or connoisseur and they will tell you that, without a doubt, it does matter what cheese you serve at your Christmas dinner to garner the best results from your guests. Cheese has a multi-faceted purpose… that is, it its own taste that it brings to the table and the immense taste it aids in bringing out in other foods at the Christmas dinner table. That said, if you are thinking of putting just any type of cheese out on the dinner table this Christmas, you might want to reconsider using some of the cheese options listed below:

Isle of Mull

An excellent sharp cheddar with bite that finished off with a mellow taste, native to Scotland. Coming in various sizes, this is an ideal cheese to include on your Christmas Dinner table or cheese platter.

Colston Bassett Stilton

Is this a cheese or a military general? Quite the mouthful if you ask me, but if you consider the taste it packs, it might just be a mouthful… of taste! A quintessential part of any British Christmas, this stilton is one of the premier cheeses, with its creamy and crumbly texture and perfect balance of flavor, that can be paired with just about any port (wine) or enjoyed straight-up.

Clava Brie

A lighter and more delicate cheese than its French counterpart, this particular version of Clava Brie is native to the Moray coastal region of Scotland. This cheese would be perfectly paired with the more delicate dishes at the Christmas dinner.


Enjoy a little brandy with you cheese? Then Eve is for you. A cheese made from goats’ milk, Eve is soaked in a cider-based brandy and wrapped in a vine leaf. Different from other goats’ cheeses is Eve’s pungent aroma. Similar to other goats’ cheeses is its delicate and creamy texture.

Smoked Ardrahan

Any fan of bacon would be a fan of this cheese. Its soft, cold smokiness intertwined with a smokey bacon flavor makes this cheese a literal “standout” at the Christmas dinner table.


Another excellent option to have on the Christmas table, native to the Orkney Islands of Scotland. If you are a fan of Wensleydale, a cheese native to England, you will surely love Grimbister at your Christmas dinner table.


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