Carolina Reaper Cheese: Our Hottest Cheese Yet!

We know that you love spicy cheeses and that’s why we’re super excited to tell you about our Carolina Reaper Cheese. This is a rich and creamy cheddar blended with Carolina Reaper Chili Peppers. Tasting Carolina Reaper Cheese is an experience that you won’t forget! This cheese may actually cause a rush of endorphins, and may even put hair on your chest!

For reference, the Scoville Heat Scale measures how spicy foods are in Scoville units. A bell pepper has a Scoville rating of 0, with paprika reaching 1,000 and a jalapeno heading up towards 10,000. A Cayenne Pepper is between 30,000 – 50,000 Scoville units. Carolina Reaper pepper is between 1.4 million and 2.2 million Scoville units!

This is a cheese to try with friends. Watch their reactions as they try to withstand the spice. You could use this in recipes but be careful to only add a little at a time if you want to make something that is enjoyable to eat as well as surprisingly spicy! Our favorite way to enjoy it is to simply pair it with crackers and challenge our friends to eat it.

If you know the spice might be too much, have a glass of milk or a square of chocolate on hand. Casein, the protein found in milk, breaks down the bonds that capsaicin (the active component that makes chili peppers spicy) forms on our nerve receptors. Milk chocolate is best because of its higher volume of casein, but capsaicin is also more soluble in fat than in water, so it will be carried away by the fat content of the chocolate. We don’t need another excuse to eat some chocolate, but we think this fiery cheese might just need it!

If you want to try a whole range of spicy cheeses then we have you covered:

Scorpion Cheddar is our second hottest cheese. It has 1.2 million Scoville units of heat. This is another one to take to a party and challenge your friends to take a bite.

Ghost Pepper Cheese is made from the Indian Bhut Jolokia pepper. It has a Scoville score of 855,000. This is a slow burner so be sure not to eat too much at once!

Hot Pepper Cheese is perfect for adding just a hint of spice, whilst still enjoying a creamy cheese.

We even offer a Hot Stuff Collection, which includes Hot Pepper Cheese, Habanero Cheese, Troyer’s Trail Bologna with Hot Pepper Cheese, Shisler’s Private Label Hot Pepper Relish, Shisler’s private label Hot Jalapeno Mustard, Hot Pepper Jelly, and Carr’s Crackers.

Do you love spicy cheeses? Let us know if you would try Carolina Reaper Cheese in the comments!

CAUTION: This cheese is extremely hot and can cause eye and skin irritation.

  1. David Gates 12/06/2018 Reply

    I have tried Ghost Pepper cheese and loved it. I would really like to try Carolina Reaper cheese!

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